NSS Summer Break August 2019 & 800 Facebook likes

This Month’s event we will not have a regular meeting at the Humanist Center, we will take advantage of the last moments of August for this year’s summer break. Again, I wish you all happy memories as you are with your families and friends.

Past event:  After June Announcement posting additions! June (NSS Outreach) Arizona Science Center Special Event Girls in STEM had guest speakers NSS PHX President Phyllis Redhair and our NSS PHX Vice President Clelia Tommi support young ladies interested in STEM fields.

Other unlisted (NSS Action) for August events: More Legislative Action!

Volunteer Opportunity:  If you are interested in promoting a space faring civilization with us. please email me at Phyllis.redhair2012@gmail.com with the subject line as NSS Volunteers. We will be planning our next presence at Space Vision 2019 and a few more outreach events this year. As well as Space Up Phx 2020 and Yuri Night Phx 2020

Thank you for all your kind support for National Space Society of Phoenix. we had hit a special highlight for Facebook on our Original Facebook Page. the link for the Original Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/The-National-Space-Society-Of-Phoenix-58141459593/


For the most current active and last minute get together and space chat on Facebook. Please join us at  Space Societies of Phoenix with our partner the Moon Society https://www.facebook.com/groups/Moonsociety/?ref=bookmarks

Other last minute social gatherings are at Meet up with our Partner Everyday Spacer https://www.meetup.com/EverydaySpacer-com6/events/

Also Search National Space Society of Phoenix and like us on  Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, YouTube, & Eventbrite

Phyllis Redhair
NSS Phoenix Chapter President

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