Saturday October 19th meeting of NSS Phoenix will feature: Larry Kaler. Teach Space flight Principles & Dynamic forces to Overcome Limiting Beliefs. Then Space Week! 2 Outings and NSSPHX Conference Meeting Call Times TBA.

3rd Saturday October 19th meeting of NSS Phoenix will feature: Larry Kaler Introducing Skyword – Interactive teaching in Space flight principles & dynamic forces to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve goals!

The October 19th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon SocietSKYWORDy will be at our usual time (11 am) and location at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201). Larry Kaler is retired from The Boeing Company after a 26 year management career in various space, defense, and commercial programs. My roles at Boeing were on the support side of those programs including Human Resources, Finance, Business Management, Payroll, Facilities, Security & Fire Protection. One of my favorite experiences was going in to K-12 classrooms representing The Boeing Company to students and providing information and inspiration related to careers in aerospace.

Larry is currently pursuing his strong passion helping youth develop a belief system and mindset to realize that anything is possible. To that end, I’ve developed an interactive board game that uses space flight as the theme to help high school students develop the confidence and motivation to pursue and achieve higher goals. While the learning game has many applications in a student’s life, the one that stands out most for him relative to NSS’s mission is to help students who are inspired by space exploration but may have apprehension to pursue their interest simply because they fear taking challenging STEM coursework. As a country, the United States ranks 38th out of the 40 most advanced nations in the world graduating people with STEM degrees. What a difference it could make if we can get more of our youth to believe in themselves!

Larry will be sharing more on his aerospace background and then introduce my First Edition space-themed Skyword board game to your NSS members.  Our group would experience first-hand how the underlying principles and dynamic forces of overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving goals is so much like space flight in addition, how the format makes learning and application both fun and inspiring.

REMINDER: Space Week is this month Oct. 4 – 10 for event listing The 2019 theme is “The Moon:  Gateway to the Stars.” Find more info at  No events are planned in AZ. So to pay a small tribute we will take advantage of this event happening that week at ASU!

NSS Outing: we will be attending ASU’s Science Fiction TV Dinner: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ featuring special guests Ted Pavlic and Alexandrina Agloro!

Tue, October 8, 2019 MST 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. This is a free event; however, please RSVP for planning purposes they are providing dinner. There is an invite link with reservation for this event at:

Let’s meet up during the reception and go in together from there. Dinner will be for the first 150 guests first come first serve basis. A special notice is posted on ASU’s website regarding **Water Bottles**: To cut down on waste and make our events more environmentally friendly, we will no longer offer disposable plastic bottles. Instead, we will have water bottle filling stations available, so please bring your own reusable container! We also ask that you bring a re-sealable container (like a screw-top bottle, flask, or covered tumbler) to help us avoid spills.

The hosts are by ASU Center for Science and the Imagination this event is held at the Marston Exploration Theater is located on the first floor of ASU’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV (ISTB 4) 781 S Terrace Rd, Tempe, AZ 85287. Currently there is not an itinerary for events but generally the outline for this event follows this format below:

  • 5:30 PM Reception food and meet and greet with ASU’s Student Organizations
  • 6:30 PM Welcome remarks
  • 6:35 PM Screening
  • 8:00 PM A short talk then Audience Q&A with Ted Pavlic, associate director of research at ASU’s Biomimicry Center and assistant professor in engineering and sustainability, and Alexandrina

There is a free bus service called ORBIT that is available. This event would be on Jupiter ORBIT route it runs every 15 minutes. Just an FYI in case you may be interested.

Business meeting: October 17th TBA  (Video Conference Call Meeting) New Volunteers are encouraged to call in to this online meeting. Please join us even if you cannot stay for the full time. Many of our members are traveling and It is my hope we can get most of you to attend. The expected run time 90 minutes. An Email will be sent with more info to our regular mailing list. Please email me at to be added if you wish to attend.

Agenda Fall and Winter 2019

Discuss possibility of occasionally sending more than one monthly newsletter per month. Due to late responses and other activities NSS does that come up last minute but are just as fun and important for members to attend.  (if you cannot attend and want to have your voice heard on this issue please email me a response so we can read it at our next meeting)

NSS November Outreach: We are going to Space Vision! If you plan on attending please let me know if you might have some availability to visit and host our booth. I plan on being there all 3 days. We will discuss more at our business meeting.

Monthly: MCC Planetarium Show in Mesa Volunteer opportunity (volunteers needed to table event and learn how to run a planetarium!)

Monthly: Meeting at HSGP Need possibly a Speaker for December 2019 and February 2020 no speaker March 2020 due to Space Up, Need speaker for Yuri Night and Representative at HSGP

Then a quick overview of upcoming gatherings.

  • October: TBA maybe 16 or 17 for a dinner meeting AIAA
  • November: Space Vision Thurs Nov 7th – Sat Nov 9 (volunteers needed to table event)
  • November: Apollo 12 (International online Celebration) Nov 14 – 20th
  • November TBA online (International online Celebration) Event World Space Party
  • December: Christmas Party
  • TBA Joint Outing to art exhibit with AIAA
  • January: Aerospace day at the CAPITOL
  • January:  TBA Base11 Space Challenge. Joint event with Helios Rocketry project (ASU students)
  • February:  2020 SciTech Festival at the Buckeye Air Fair February 8th from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Buckeye Airport. (Volunteers needed to table event)
  • March: Space Up 2020 Venue: Mesa Community college TBA time Overview 2019. Timeline of Planning Meetings discussed. (volunteers needed)
  • April: Yuri Night 2020 Venue: Spokes Restaurant Tempe Timeline of Meetings discussed. (volunteers needed)

Other Spacy events of interest:  play “Silent Sky” at the Az Theat company Nov 14- Dec 1.

I am including Early November items in this so the announcement is not delayed      — due to other delays in confirmed events. —

NSS Outing: November Astronomy night and “Wayfinders” Waves, Winds, & Stars (from Bishop Museum) Planetarium Show in Mesa Presented By Mesa Community College Planetarium Friday, November 1st at 6:00pm AZ The Tickets are 3 dollars Time Online sale ends: 11/01/19 at 5:00pm AZ Time located at Mesa Community College Planetarium  Southern & Dobson campus Mesa, AZ 85202 Info Line 480-461-7027. Find out more by visiting their website also on how to get free tickets. At:

MCC Astronomy Nights include planetarium shows, telescope viewing, information tables, hands-on activities, and more! Planetarium shows and indoor activities occur rain or shine, but telescope viewing of the night sky is only offered when the sky is clear. (

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