NSS Phoenix Presents: Saturday May 16th *NEW TIME* 5pm MST feat: Alexandra Nachman with her talk regarding “Past NASA Missions of Humans in Space and New Commercial Companies.” Also, Invites from our other Sister Chapters

First, I hope you all are doing well, Thank you for all your flexibility. Please notice a new time change for our meetings this month. We appreciate your patents as we navigate during this unprecedented time of change. Nationally, Discussions on COVID-19 have shifted to recovery planning and reopening businesses. At Our last Business meeting in April, we discussed our return in May, Guided first and foremost by member safety and observations at that time that no restrictions Nationally were lifted at the time of this meeting, Therefore, the discussion will continue and is for now tabled, for our return-to-regular-meetings. Recently also announced from our Parent NSS HQ is a further recommendation to abstain from large gatherings. Our priority, is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for us all. For our future business meeting we would need to also discuss, protocols to observed and have in place for things like social distancing, hygiene practices and cleaning.

We are very fortunate to have our sister chapters invite us to join with them and even participate as we had experienced in April with breakfast on the moon #3/Apollo 13/ hosted by the Sacramento L5 NSS Chapter if you have not seen the video’s I have update the previous post with the links to view this recorded celebration.

The May 16th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society meeting regular meeting will be presented in (Zoom) and by phone on a new (ZOOM) platform during a Special Time at 5pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) this will be the first in a series of NSS Phoenix Chapter meetings as we navigate through changes during this pandemic.

Alexandra Nachman is a Solar System Ambassador for JPL, we will hear about Past NASA missions of humans in space and relate it commercial companies. If you don’t have the app you can get it here: https://zoom.us for this meeting email me at Phyllis.Redhair2012@gmail.com with the heading “Request to join Zoom conference” in the comment line. Please let me know if the invitation you are looking for is different from the NSS Phoenix Chapter otherwise you will get directions on logging on to our NSS Phoenix meetings. also find us here at https://www.meetup.com/EverydaySpacer-com6/events/270619286/ with the same join instructions

INVITATION from The Saint Louis Space Frontier Presents: Dr. Peter A. Swan is President of the International Space Elevator Consortium. Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM CDT (Zoom)
This is a special invitation for NSS Phoenix to join and meet our sister chapter and a great way to visit and meet NSS members in St Louis. The Saint Louis Space Frontier’s plan is to host a Zoom Telecom Every 2nd Thursday of the month until December 8, 2020 (http://stlouisspacefrontier.org/) to find Christine’s invitation for an invites https://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Space-Frontier-Meetup

INVITATION from Tucson L5 Space Society: Presents Burt, as NSS VP for membership, Randy, as NSS Policy Committee Deputy Chair to discuss their roles at NSS National HQ. and Discussion on future Arizona at 5 pm Mountain Time on May 17 (Zoom)
This is a special invitation for NSS Phoenix to join and meet our sister chapter in Tuscon L5 Space Society’s Board member Ed Little and others expressed a desire to be better connected to national NSS leadership and policies. Phoenix NSS chapter folks are invited to attend and can participate as well! This would be your opportunity hear ideas on how Arizona chapters can better participate in political action. This should turn out to be a lively and informative discussion, much like a town hall. Please refer to the chapters email to enroll receive a special Zoom dial in number Please don’t forget to download Zoom to participate in this meeting THIS SUNDAY Email Avery Davis avery@mindspring.com to receive a special Zoom dial in number. Please don’t forget to download Zoom to participate in this meeting THIS SUNDAY To make this happen. you can also go to https://www.meetup.com/Tucson-L5-Space-Society-Meetup/events/270597388/ and message Avery Davis the host

INVITATION from NSS HQ Thursday, May 14, 2020 9:00 to 10:15 pm EDT National Space Society Membership Virtual Town hall: Meet the NSS Leadership! Feat: with Special Guests Anita Gale Secretary, Karlton Johnson Chair, Board of Governors, Geoffrey Notkin NSS National President, Bruce Pittman Senior Vice President & Senior Operating Officer, Dale Skran Chair of the Executive Committee.
Must Reply to Email sent by HQ, if you did not get it and are a member please let me know so I can forward you a link to register, space is limited. Topics include: The current space development priorities, The latest on NSS programs and activities, How NSS is responding to COVID-19

Happening at NSS
*NSSPHX Nominating Committee is Open to receive interests for officers starting in 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer or our chapter. To become eligible you will need to register as an official member at https://space.nss.org/join-national-space-society/  the early creation for the NSS Phoenix Nominating Committee is for ALL officers starting January 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer for NSS Phoenix Chapter.

Return-to-regular-meetings is a tabled as discussion previously state, We will re-visit the situation again in for possible return in September.Which means all our activities will be online and Virtual though August 2020.  Please, come to our next business meeting during this review to put in your thoughts and concerns,

Also, Discussed was our move to zoom conference and helping it be secure for our members. We also at that time had other chapters express their kind invitations for us to join in with them for all virtual meetings. Please be sure to read and reply to the host on your interest in participating links and other special instructions which might NOT be provided here and only in email format other these postings will not have instructions.

*NSS HQ Board of Directors Elections – The Spring 2020 edition of Ad Astra has just been mailed out, with NSS Board of Directors election slate/ballot material are included with the magazine.

*NSS HQ Volunteer Opportunity we need additional Reporters for Downlink & some help on Ad Astra Chapter section. apply at https://space.nss.org/help-wanted-national-space-society/ click on <Information services> please include your writing skills as this is an “in the public eye” position.


Take care and stay well.

Phyllis Redhair Chapter President for National Space Society of Phoenix

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