Thursday June 18th, at 6 PM meeting is a combined meeting with Tuscon L5, PHXNSS & The Moon Society. Presenting Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC *NEW TIME & DAY*

Greetings Fellow Space Enthusiast :

The June 16th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society is a combined meeting with Tuscon L5 and the Moon Society. Presenting Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC, issuer of Procure Space ETF, the first global Electronically Traded Fund to give investors pure-play access to the expanding space industry. This meeting will be presented in (Zoom) and by phone on Tuscon L5 (ZOOM) platform during a Special Time on Thursday June 18th, 6 PM (MST) Arizona Time.Please RSVP at the link provided at the end of this announcement.

More Time Warps ahead: Your continued understanding with these changes is greatly appreciated as we again navigate through these difficult times.  As Arizona has recently been identified as being a hotspot for Corona-virus, and as high reported cases of COVID-19 continues to roll in. This epidemic continues to show us how predictable and complex it continues to be. Any hopes on seasonal slowdown in the summer months for transmission show to be offset by the increase in social activity as we had watch states reopen across the country. Some chapters who have a more favorable trend in their locations and have moved back to regular in person meetings. However, NSSPHX, has large time frame for review on when to return to regular meeting status due to these seemingly uncertain time we have all experienced with civil unrest, the economy and virus. At this time our business needs do not require that we meet in person.  To encourage all our members to remain focused and safe we present this months meeting.

Introducing Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC, Mr. Chanin is 35 years old and described as the ETF Wunderkind. In April 2019 he and his partner Bob Tull created Procure Space ETF [ticker symbol UFO] as an index fund following the S-Network Space Index. Previously Mr. Chanin was responsible for creating the first Cyber Security ETF which raised over a billion dollars in assets under management in less than 7 months, using the ticker symbol HACK. He will be speaking to us about how he got interested in space, his expectations for space commerce, and how we as individual investors can participate in the growth of the private space industry.

An appearance on CNBC 7 months ago:

RSVP via Meetup:

  • Past Events:

NASA Social for the #LaunchAmerica –  Many NSS Phoenix Members joined NASA Social for the launch on May 27th on a Falcon 9 rocket at 4:32 pm EDT. As part of this United States mission to restore access to space to America. Then again we saw members help garner support for space, for the follow up time on Saturday at 3:22pm EDT! Thank you to the many who have joined and participated. I loved watching all the Facebook, Twitter and Linked in posts showing your enthusisams for space and encouraging the excitement for everyone around you for this Historic event.

A special thank you to AIAA, for inviting us to attend their launch party for both #LaunchAmerica watch party events.

The spUN 2020 Debate – NSS Phoenix was also apart of judging the debate, for May and early June, where students learn about and debating space policy and governance. The Debate teams compeating were from from all around the world. It is truly inspiring to see this rising generation embrace their passion for space. Topics for debate were on money spent on space exploration and the lunar gateway.

Thank you and see you on Zoom This Thursday!
Phyllis Redhair




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