National Space Society of Phoenix Receives High Honor with Chapter Excellence Award

Dear Space Enthusiasts,
At National Space Society’s Chapter 2020 Awards on Thursday July 30th during a Thursday town hall meeting. hosted by Larry Ahern, and David Stuart. Our Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society was honored with Excellence Award. “The Excellence Awards are a part of the “highest awards a chapter can receive and is given based on overall excellence and commitment to NSS vision”(Ad Astra 2003) we were recognized for a large and contrasting events and outreach list that makes us unique.

Photo By Karyn MacVean

The Award Ceremony is generally held at the International Space Development Conference, however, this year due to the pandemic it was held online. This Award recognizes Phoenix Chapter as a Chapter that goes above and beyond in support of the mission to create a space faring nation. We have a wide support base that includes many members of our Phoenix chapter, and other sister chapters and their members. This also includes many outside organizations and Individuals that support us.

I’m grateful to serve NSS, alongside others who are also passionate about space. Like all great achievements, they are not done by one person but with a great executive team.  I’d like honor Vice President Clelia Tommi, Secretary/Treasurer Greg Rucker, Secretary Mario Anzalotti and Chair of the AIAA Phoenix division Mike Makowski.

However, we truly could not do it with members like you. Our active members who host long hours at tables. Members who are willing to share their talents and expertise with talks and workshops. Also, members who just show up to be counted in group events like Aerospace day to make a statement to our representative. I am deeply grateful for your service. We can do so much to plan but without our members we could not successfully sell tickets, clean up, set up, or be gracious hosts. Again, Thank you everyone.

Photo by Karyn MacVean

A short list of events that support this mission in 2019 included participation in: General Meetings, our get together and outings, speaking engagements like, last year’s Apollo 11 celebrations, Arizona Science Center Girls in Steam and Fan Fusion, we hosted Phoenix Space Up Conference 2019, Phoenix Yuri World Space Party 2019 and 2019 Mars Constitution an interactive discussion on what Community and Inclusion will mean. We honored to represent our Parent Organization NSS at Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Conference in 2019, Also were apart of global events hosted by Sacramento L5 with Breakfast on the Moon. We show up for our State at Arizona Aerospace Day at the Capitol.

Our chapter in 2019 had also evolved by increased outreach platforms online. with that we had watch out online presence explode with 800 likes on Facebook, in August 2019, then hit another milestone this year where we reach over 1000 likes on Facebook. Many thanks also to our fans.

Image Created by Clelia Tommi

Thank you again National Space Society for this recognition! as we have all felt Individually, with all people across the world. This year 2020, has had lot of tears. I’m grateful for this Excellence Award as a positive highlight that we can ALL look back on. 

Learn more about our commitment and how you can become more involved. Hear about initiatives at our chapter general meetings and business meetings. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about calls for volunteers. Participate by obtaining and maintaining an NSS National Membership. Support us directly with chapter dues of 20 dollars per year, which are not required to be with us but help us in paying the bills. Also, in recognition to our ongoing efforts we are wanting to onboard and train members for the executive team for 2021. Please let Mike or I know if you want to know more about how to become an officer or learn how to become one become a part of a Mission 
greater than ourselves.

Hope to see many of you again soon in person, I miss you all.
Phyllis Redhair Chapter President

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