January 2017 Meeting Summary

By Al Wendler

When I saw that the January meeting of NSS-Phx was going to be about Space Art I had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, our speaker, Simon Kregar, is not only a space artist, but also an advocate for the role of space art in education.

Simon began with an art history approach to the field. Prehistoric petroglyphs and cave paintings illustrate early man’s view of the universe from Earth. By the time of science fiction magazines, cover artists were letting their imaginations run wild. Gradually both the art and the science improved, although the role of imagination remains. Simon showed examples of works by pioneers in the field and how their artistic visions and techniques varied. He also shared images of his own work.

For more information about Simon and his works, go to www.simonkregar.com. For more about space art, go to the International Association of Astronomical Artists website at www.iaaa.org.