Saturday August 18th NSS PHX Update

Our next meting event this weekend, we will be hearing from our very own Chuck Lesher, writer and former engineer. About Governments role in space.  August 18th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society will still be at our usual time (11 am) and located at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201).

More on the Congressional Outing:

Just as a reminder about the outing, to communicate in case we split up or get lost go to: Ill be putting up a post for a group chat to ask questions or find out where we are.

I will be carrying an NSS bag and standing near the elevators inside till about 20 min before starting so if you want we can sit together. I’m not sure what we will do for lunch but there is a campus cafeteria. Also please be sure you look up the event in advance and find a parking structure you might like. most lots charge 3 dollars an hour and this will be an all day event

See you Saturday.

Phyllis Redhair President




Saturday August 18th meeting of NSS Phoenix Featuring Dr Troy Howe Presenting a talk on Radioisotope Power Sources, Used for Deep Space Missions

The August 18th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society will be at our usual time (11 am) and location at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201.

The August meeting will Feature Dr Troy Howe, and speak about Radioisotope Power Sources, used for deep space missions to provide electrical power when solar is too weak to help., Then, a review of current and past RTGs as well as share with us some of his work with radioisotope thermo-photovoltaics.

Outing Announcement:

I hope you all had a wonderful July and kept cool during those record heat breaking days. I would like to pass on a very generous invitation, “on behalf of ASU President Dr. Michael Crow and Matt Salmon, Vice President of Government and Community Engagement at ASU, the local Phoenix chapter of the National Space Society is cordially invited to attend a Congressional Conference Event, Join NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and multiple members of the Arizona Congressional delegation as we discuss the current and future state of space exploration.”

The conference will be followed by a brief reception to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and networking while surrounded by examples of ASU and industry partner NASA space exploration projects.”

Please respond to the members email for NSS PHX @ so I can send information on this invitation only event for date, time, and location. This is a free event at ASU and you will need to get the register link to RSVP.

I appreciate you all, and all you do, see you Saturday!


Phyllis Redhair
NSS Phoenix Chapter President

NSS July Summer Break 2018

This Month’s event we will not have a regular meeting at the Humanist Center, we will take advantage of the last moments of July for this year’s summer break. I wish you all happy memories as you are with your families and friends.

Past event:  June outreach event, we attended LepreCon 44.  NSS hosted a panel making paper space crafts, and debut a little activity tracking satellites. This panel was surprisingly attended by 8 adults.

Volunteer Opportunity:  We are still in need of a web host to asst with NSS Puerto Rico. If you are interested please let me know at

For last minute get together and space chat. Please join us at feel free IM me to ask questions as well.

Phyllis Redhair
NSS Phoenix Chapter President

This Weekend: (Open) Phoenix NSS Outing, June 16th Lets Watch “2001: A Space Odyssey (in 70mm) ” Movie @ 3:40pm Tempe Marketplace

Our next event will be a gathering and we will watch 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70 mm its  2 hr 44 min (G) Showtime: 3:40pm Saturday, June 16, 2018  @ 3:40pm FYI this is advertised as not including previews.  Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16 theaters, located at 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway Tempe, AZ  85281. on the Harkins website it says that ” Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the seminal film, Warner Bros. Pictures is releasing an “unrestored” 70mm print ”

I will be wearing my NSS badge and standing out front by the ticket booth about 3:10 min to 3:20 before, After that we should be inside finding seats and getting popcorn and soda. There is no assigned seating. we will try to sit together as best we can. But, we usually go and eat after too at one of the nearby food places.  For info on the movie, go to

After the show lets talk space! ie: culture, ideas, suggestions, advancements ect. Or if your new  or are curious about our group we can get to know you and answer any questions you have about NSS PHX. Welcome!  It will probably be about  6:30-ish when the movie ends and plan on ending around 7:30 for about an hour, stay longer if you wish. We will gather under one of the umbrella lounge areas and figure out where to eat or go from from there. (I’ll still have on my badge) If your staying after the movie, there are a few places to eat at Tempe Market Place it is an outdoor mall.

Also, See the link for short notice Opportunities or announcements.

See you at the show!

NSS Outreach Event at LepreCon 44, June weekend on 23 or 24, 2018


Our next speaker meeting will be moved to September. Due to the Business meeting by unanimous vote it was determined that we should resume our Speaker meeting in September. We will continue to do outreach and continue experimental unconventional gatherings for our group, to see what more people are interested in. If you would like to be of service to our group or want to present or have any ideas. We invite you to come to our next business meeting held twice a year. The next business meeting will be in the fall to make plans for spring.

So, with that…

Our next gathering will be a volunteer opportunity to make paper satellite crafts with kids at LepreCon 44 for a short scheduled special event. If I can get some items together in time, we will be tracking satellite paths and teaching kids about different orbital patterns they might get. We will be in the gaming room please contact me if you want to join in. We are currently awaiting our time slot for this event.

Also, Check out the new NSS website and If you are not a current member or need to renew, please visit this link our NSS PHX CODE is 504.



PHX NSS Business Meeting Saturday May 19th Announcement

There are a few Outreach Events to discuss. On Saturday, May 19th, 2018 during our regular meeting time 11 to 1pm. This is a venue change please note that we are meeting at our usual restaurant the Mesa Community Restaurant at 535 N Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201.

We will gather to discuss the up and coming events for NSS Phoenix. Report on past events, have a discussion and vote on summer break, discuss for ideas for upcoming events and overview the upcoming Collaboration and Assignments.

Topics include: NSS Phoenix will take the lead on Web/IT support for NSS Puerto Rico.   I am asking for 2 volunteers to help and to keep the work load light and fun.

Updates: on previous outreach and proposed projects from our PHX NSS members during our spring networking opportunities and meeting with other organizations.

Outreach projects: with Westercon – Volunteer Request to make paper satellites opportunity July update, and Phx comic Fest – Volunteer Request count people opportunity (May 24th – 27th) update.

Upcoming events: ISDC – Reminder (May 24th – 27th), Spring Potluck, Summer Break

New Business

Please remember that Yearly Local Membership Dues have reset and had occurred in January. Our service commitments have been very easy just show up events. Please remember that your commitments are important however small, and to find a replacement if you will be absent. We will plan to resume regular speaker meeting next month in June.

April 21st NSS of Phoenix Featuring Donald Jacques: With his Conversion of a school bus into a fully operational mobile Closed Ecological Life Support System Demonstrator

The April 21st meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society will be at our usual time (11 am) and located at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201). Our guest will be Donald Jacques author of  “EarthSeed: Settling Space in This Generation”, available on Amazon. Link to website:  Donald will talk about his research and development of this project during the meeting.  Then we will get to see his new demonstrator in its first ever public appearance.

Previous Meeting and Upcoming Events:

  • I like to thank Greg Rucker who led a follow up meeting at the Capitol with AZ House Majority Leader John Allen. Some members with projects, were able to use this kind opportunity to have a follow up meeting with House Majority Leader John Allen. We are grateful for our NSS members here in Arizona who demonstrate their dedication to space. Thank you for being you.
  • Web Host Volunteer call to assist with our Puerto Rico Chapter,  Its been proposed that their website could be remotely updated by one of our talented members, willing to donate time and skill to updating their website. I believe that we must first look within and utilize our own strengths. This is in its beginning phases and changes may occur. So I put out a call for interested members willing to help.  Email me This is an effort to re-establish updated contact info and possibly an announcement board to reconnect Puerto Rico members who have loss internet, phone, or other communication means.  Efforts by NSS so far have been to extend membership for an additional year to help them stay connected.
  • Volunteer opportunity for NSS outreach at Comic Fest, please be of service in furthering our cause by promoting space and education.  If you would like to participate we were asked by Real Time Steam, who’s mission is to bring science outreach to the public, and on average Comic Fest sees an attendance of 90K people and 10K come through science paneling space. 90K are from all over the state and out of state as well. To be a volunteer requires a commitment to 12-16 hours. This is over the course of the 4 days. (May 24th-27th), which means 3 to 4 hours shifts a day out of the 13 hours the Comic Fest is open. In return they will receive a full event pass, And, the ability to wear anything that supports our organization, this will help us bring any material that can fit on their table to distribute. Please Email me if you would like to assist and support our chapters ability to get our name out there we would greatly appreciate it. Your service commitment is important, please be on time or find a replacement if you find that you are not able to arrive.

See Below for: Chapter member registration discount for the 2018 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Los Angeles, California USA, May 23 (for tours and space solar power event) through May 28 (for NSS Board meeting only).

Please read carefully the registration page: chapter contacts save the most by acting right away
Coordinator for International and South-Central USA NSS Chapters

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Want to Help your Chapter? See Offer No. 1 Below

By Claire McMurray, Chapters Reporter

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Offer #2: For ALL Chapter member* ISDC registrations before May 17:

*Not a chapter member? Find your nearest chapter at

  1. Go to and look over the registration options. Prices are at the bottom. Read the instructions carefully, then click on your registration form, usually “Main Registration.” Note that volunteers should contact the Volunteer Leader before registering. Ask about volunteer perks.
  2. Sections I, II, and III: follow the prompts to enter your personal information. Memberships bought in Section II will NOT earn income for your chapter.
  3. Section IV, “ISDC Badge Information:”

–Put the name of your chapter in the ‘Company/Affiliation’ box.

–Put ”Chapter Member” or “Chapter Officer” in the ‘NSS Position’ box.

–Select your attendance level, activity, or category in the ‘ISDC Association’ box.

  1. Section V: ISDC and NSS Donations and Merchandise. If desired, buy from Café Press or donate to ‘Enterprise in Space’ or the NSS Awards here. However, memberships bought here will NOT earn income for your chapter.
  2. Rebates will be mailed to you after ISDC© 2018 is adjourned and staff have caught their breath.

The Chapters Committee has arranged this special ISDC© 2018 offer with the Conferences Committee because chapter members are very important to NSS. Chapter Awards and recognition are scheduled for the Thursday night dinner.

See you in Los Angeles! and See you Saturday!

Phyllis Redhair
NSS Phoenix Chapter President