Space Elevator – 19 January 2013 NSS Phoenix Chapter Meeting

Our Speaker: Dr. Peter Swan

Space Elevator – A Ten-Year Update!
A Review of Recent Revelations

This NSS lecture will focus on recent discoveries and inventions that are bringing the space elevator closer to reality. Dr. Peter Swan is a member of the NSS and has participated in many local, national and international activities. He has written two books* on the topic and is Vice President of the International Space Elevator Consortium. He is currently pulling together 28 world-renown authors, across multiple disciplines to produce a report for the International Academy of Astronautics. This study is an, “Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and Challenges of the Space Elevator Concept.” His talk will focus on recent realizations in many fields that will significantly raise the probability of a Space Elevator by 2032. The outline for this overview is:

  • Introduction and History
  • Brad Edwards’ Basic Concept 2002
  • Status and New Ideas
  • Feasibility Condition
  • Materials Strength Levels
  • Power Approach for “beating gravity”
  • Base Station and Apex Anchor
  • Systems Design and OV-1
  • Dynamics of Ribbon with Deployment Options
  • Impact of Space Debris
  • Preliminary Operations Concept
  • Conclusions and Questions

The 19 January 2013 meeting of the Phoenix chapter of the National Space Society will be at HCC at 627 W Eighth Street, Mesa AZ 85201. The start time is 10:00 AM.