Ares 1-X

Ares 1-X is scheduled for launch this morning, and we are watching on NASA – TV. Currently, they are trying to remove the cover on the instrument probe on the top of the rocket. Delay until it comes loose.

The cord has finally separated. Ares 1-X is due for 9:44 AM EDT, assuming the weather holds. At 10 minutes before launch, the area is clear for launch.

Ares 1-X on Launch Pad

Ares 1-X on Launch Pad. Credit: NASA TV.

Removing Probe Cover

Removing the Probe Cover. Credit: NASA TV.

And now it is delayed by a ship in the area. The Air Force Range Safety team is having the ship turn around, and will clear the range soon.

Now we have a discussion of the weather window closing and they are trying to make up for the delay. Now poling launch team. Everyone is Go and they are getting a new launch time. Which is now 13:49 GMT (9:49 EDT).

T-4 minutes and counting. We got down to T-2:39 and they are resetting the clock due to launch weather officer stating weather would be no-go at T-0.

T Minus 2:39

T Minus 2:39. Credit: NASA TV.

Hold.  Waiting for Weather

Hold. Waiting for Weather. Credit: NASA TV.

T-0 is now scheduled for 10:54 AM EDT. Ares 1-X has been safed, and the count has been recycled to T-4 minutes and holding.

Hold for Weather

Hold for Weather. Credit: NASA TV.

Holding for Weather

Pad Winds – Holding at T minus 4 Minutes. Credit: NASA TV.

At 10:24 EDT we have about 30 minutes left in the hold. The latest problem is the wind speed at the pad is now above the 20 knot limit, which makes the launch “red”.

Currently at 10:36 EDT, the rocket is green, conditions are red and they expect to pick up the count in 15 minutes. Conditions are not looking promising. Kathy Winters, weather, states the open band expected 10:54 AM is narrowing. Other than weather, everything is currently green.

The Launch Director has announced 11:04 AM EDT as the new launch time.

Quote from Nasa:

The range is not available after noon today due to reasons such as airspace and warning areas, planes operating on flight plans, and other issues. Today’s launch window ends at noon.

The count is now scheduled to resume at T-4 minutes at 11:15 EDT with launch at 11:19 AM. There is a 25 minute weather window. After that, the weather will degrade.

The launch has now been moved up 5 minutes to 11:14 AM EDT. And then pushed back to 11:19 due to weather.

Weather reports green on all constraints with 2 minutes to resumption of the count.

Pad winds at 21 kts, and the launch gets bumped “a bit”. The Launch Director notes that if they miss the current resumption they will likely hang it up for the day.

The launch is scrubbed.