Image Credit: Astronauts4Hire
Astronauts4Hire wants to create the first pool of private astronauts to support the emerging suborbital research industry.

A commercial spaceflight revolution is underway. Within a few years, private companies will provide routine access to space. Besides wealthy tourists, scientists are among those poised to benefit since they can use the new spacecraft as platforms to perform research in microgravity. The demand for skilled commercial scientist-astronauts to aid in this new industry is growing rapidly. Astronauts4Hire wants to create the first pool of private astronauts to fill this need. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate that space is accessible by anyone and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in space.

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NSS At Large Election – Veronica Zabala-Aliberto

Veronica Zabala-Aliberto, President of the Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society, is running for one of the At Large Director positions on the board of the National Space Society. Please review Veronica’s Resume below, and then print out the Petition, sign it along with any of your friends who are also members of The National Space Society.

Mail the completed petitions to NSS HQ marked ” Petitions Enclosed” asap. Petitions must be received by close of business, 15 January 2010:

ATTN: Bret Silcox
1155 15th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005