National Space Society of Phoenix Receives High Honor with Chapter Excellence Award

Dear Space Enthusiasts,
At National Space Society’s Chapter 2020 Awards on Thursday July 30th during a Thursday town hall meeting. hosted by Larry Ahern, and David Stuart. Our Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society was honored with Excellence Award. “The Excellence Awards are a part of the “highest awards a chapter can receive and is given based on overall excellence and commitment to NSS vision”(Ad Astra 2003) we were recognized for a large and contrasting events and outreach list that makes us unique.

Photo By Karyn MacVean

The Award Ceremony is generally held at the International Space Development Conference, however, this year due to the pandemic it was held online. This Award recognizes Phoenix Chapter as a Chapter that goes above and beyond in support of the mission to create a space faring nation. We have a wide support base that includes many members of our Phoenix chapter, and other sister chapters and their members. This also includes many outside organizations and Individuals that support us.

I’m grateful to serve NSS, alongside others who are also passionate about space. Like all great achievements, they are not done by one person but with a great executive team.  I’d like honor Vice President Clelia Tommi, Secretary/Treasurer Greg Rucker, Secretary Mario Anzalotti and Chair of the AIAA Phoenix division Mike Makowski.

However, we truly could not do it with members like you. Our active members who host long hours at tables. Members who are willing to share their talents and expertise with talks and workshops. Also, members who just show up to be counted in group events like Aerospace day to make a statement to our representative. I am deeply grateful for your service. We can do so much to plan but without our members we could not successfully sell tickets, clean up, set up, or be gracious hosts. Again, Thank you everyone.

Photo by Karyn MacVean

A short list of events that support this mission in 2019 included participation in: General Meetings, our get together and outings, speaking engagements like, last year’s Apollo 11 celebrations, Arizona Science Center Girls in Steam and Fan Fusion, we hosted Phoenix Space Up Conference 2019, Phoenix Yuri World Space Party 2019 and 2019 Mars Constitution an interactive discussion on what Community and Inclusion will mean. We honored to represent our Parent Organization NSS at Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Conference in 2019, Also were apart of global events hosted by Sacramento L5 with Breakfast on the Moon. We show up for our State at Arizona Aerospace Day at the Capitol.

Our chapter in 2019 had also evolved by increased outreach platforms online. with that we had watch out online presence explode with 800 likes on Facebook, in August 2019, then hit another milestone this year where we reach over 1000 likes on Facebook. Many thanks also to our fans.

Image Created by Clelia Tommi

Thank you again National Space Society for this recognition! as we have all felt Individually, with all people across the world. This year 2020, has had lot of tears. I’m grateful for this Excellence Award as a positive highlight that we can ALL look back on. 

Learn more about our commitment and how you can become more involved. Hear about initiatives at our chapter general meetings and business meetings. Sign up for the newsletter to hear about calls for volunteers. Participate by obtaining and maintaining an NSS National Membership. Support us directly with chapter dues of 20 dollars per year, which are not required to be with us but help us in paying the bills. Also, in recognition to our ongoing efforts we are wanting to onboard and train members for the executive team for 2021. Please let Mike or I know if you want to know more about how to become an officer or learn how to become one become a part of a Mission 
greater than ourselves.

Hope to see many of you again soon in person, I miss you all.
Phyllis Redhair Chapter President

NSS PHX Spacey Zoom Outing: lets watch Celebrate “A Day in Space”!On Thursday, July 16th, from 11:30am- to 7:15pm

Greetings space enthusiast,

The general meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society regular meeting will be presented in (Zoom) video conference or dial in by phone.

NSS PHX Spacey Zoom Outing: lets watch Celebrate “A Day in Space”  

On Thursday, July 16th, from 11:30amto 7:15pm Arizona time, NSS Phoenix will be doing a ZOOM watch party to Celebrate “A Day in Space” with National Space Society and Buzz Aldrin on July 16th 2020! Come join us as we all watch Buzz and other NSS speakers present an array of topic on space. Come with your Zoom Spacey Backgrounds and clothes, and show off your love of space! We will social distance talk, share and listen together to our favorites speakers or topics.

Here’s the detailed schedule for the speakers as stated on this site at 8am PDT and 11am EDT this is just a brief outline of topics

  • Intro & Welcome

  • An Intro to the NSS and What’s New in Space!

  • Apollo 50th Anniversary Panel (11:30am Arizona) we will start here! With Apollo!

  • Conversation with Buzz Aldrin

  • Discoveries & Exoplanets

  • Pluto’s Secrets

  • Exploring Mars

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Secret to Achieving Anything Great

  • Space Science & Medicine

  • Business & Future of Space

  • Wrap-Up

Join Zoom Meeting

Happening at NSS Phoenix

*NSSPHX Nominating Committee is Open to receive interests for officers starting in 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer or our chapter. To become eligible you will need to register as an official member at  the early creation for the NSS Phoenix Nominating Committee is for ALL officers starting January 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer for NSS Phoenix Chapter.

*NSS HQ Board of Directors Elections – The Spring 2020 edition of Ad Astra has just been mailed out, with NSS Board of Directors election slate/ballot material are included with the magazine.

Thursday June 18th, at 6 PM meeting is a combined meeting with Tuscon L5, PHXNSS & The Moon Society. Presenting Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC *NEW TIME & DAY*

Greetings Fellow Space Enthusiast :

The June 16th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society is a combined meeting with Tuscon L5 and the Moon Society. Presenting Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC, issuer of Procure Space ETF, the first global Electronically Traded Fund to give investors pure-play access to the expanding space industry. This meeting will be presented in (Zoom) and by phone on Tuscon L5 (ZOOM) platform during a Special Time on Thursday June 18th, 6 PM (MST) Arizona Time.Please RSVP at the link provided at the end of this announcement.

More Time Warps ahead: Your continued understanding with these changes is greatly appreciated as we again navigate through these difficult times.  As Arizona has recently been identified as being a hotspot for Corona-virus, and as high reported cases of COVID-19 continues to roll in. This epidemic continues to show us how predictable and complex it continues to be. Any hopes on seasonal slowdown in the summer months for transmission show to be offset by the increase in social activity as we had watch states reopen across the country. Some chapters who have a more favorable trend in their locations and have moved back to regular in person meetings. However, NSSPHX, has large time frame for review on when to return to regular meeting status due to these seemingly uncertain time we have all experienced with civil unrest, the economy and virus. At this time our business needs do not require that we meet in person.  To encourage all our members to remain focused and safe we present this months meeting.

Introducing Andrew Chanin is the CEO of ProcureAM, LLC, Mr. Chanin is 35 years old and described as the ETF Wunderkind. In April 2019 he and his partner Bob Tull created Procure Space ETF [ticker symbol UFO] as an index fund following the S-Network Space Index. Previously Mr. Chanin was responsible for creating the first Cyber Security ETF which raised over a billion dollars in assets under management in less than 7 months, using the ticker symbol HACK. He will be speaking to us about how he got interested in space, his expectations for space commerce, and how we as individual investors can participate in the growth of the private space industry.

An appearance on CNBC 7 months ago:

RSVP via Meetup:

  • Past Events:

NASA Social for the #LaunchAmerica –  Many NSS Phoenix Members joined NASA Social for the launch on May 27th on a Falcon 9 rocket at 4:32 pm EDT. As part of this United States mission to restore access to space to America. Then again we saw members help garner support for space, for the follow up time on Saturday at 3:22pm EDT! Thank you to the many who have joined and participated. I loved watching all the Facebook, Twitter and Linked in posts showing your enthusisams for space and encouraging the excitement for everyone around you for this Historic event.

A special thank you to AIAA, for inviting us to attend their launch party for both #LaunchAmerica watch party events.

The spUN 2020 Debate – NSS Phoenix was also apart of judging the debate, for May and early June, where students learn about and debating space policy and governance. The Debate teams compeating were from from all around the world. It is truly inspiring to see this rising generation embrace their passion for space. Topics for debate were on money spent on space exploration and the lunar gateway.

Thank you and see you on Zoom This Thursday!
Phyllis Redhair




NSS Phoenix Presents: Saturday May 16th *NEW TIME* 5pm MST feat: Alexandra Nachman with her talk regarding “Past NASA Missions of Humans in Space and New Commercial Companies.” Also, Invites from our other Sister Chapters

First, I hope you all are doing well, Thank you for all your flexibility. Please notice a new time change for our meetings this month. We appreciate your patents as we navigate during this unprecedented time of change. Nationally, Discussions on COVID-19 have shifted to recovery planning and reopening businesses. At Our last Business meeting in April, we discussed our return in May, Guided first and foremost by member safety and observations at that time that no restrictions Nationally were lifted at the time of this meeting, Therefore, the discussion will continue and is for now tabled, for our return-to-regular-meetings. Recently also announced from our Parent NSS HQ is a further recommendation to abstain from large gatherings. Our priority, is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for us all. For our future business meeting we would need to also discuss, protocols to observed and have in place for things like social distancing, hygiene practices and cleaning.

We are very fortunate to have our sister chapters invite us to join with them and even participate as we had experienced in April with breakfast on the moon #3/Apollo 13/ hosted by the Sacramento L5 NSS Chapter if you have not seen the video’s I have update the previous post with the links to view this recorded celebration.

The May 16th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society meeting regular meeting will be presented in (Zoom) and by phone on a new (ZOOM) platform during a Special Time at 5pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) this will be the first in a series of NSS Phoenix Chapter meetings as we navigate through changes during this pandemic.

Alexandra Nachman is a Solar System Ambassador for JPL, we will hear about Past NASA missions of humans in space and relate it commercial companies. If you don’t have the app you can get it here: for this meeting email me at with the heading “Request to join Zoom conference” in the comment line. Please let me know if the invitation you are looking for is different from the NSS Phoenix Chapter otherwise you will get directions on logging on to our NSS Phoenix meetings. also find us here at with the same join instructions

INVITATION from The Saint Louis Space Frontier Presents: Dr. Peter A. Swan is President of the International Space Elevator Consortium. Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM CDT (Zoom)
This is a special invitation for NSS Phoenix to join and meet our sister chapter and a great way to visit and meet NSS members in St Louis. The Saint Louis Space Frontier’s plan is to host a Zoom Telecom Every 2nd Thursday of the month until December 8, 2020 ( to find Christine’s invitation for an invites

INVITATION from Tucson L5 Space Society: Presents Burt, as NSS VP for membership, Randy, as NSS Policy Committee Deputy Chair to discuss their roles at NSS National HQ. and Discussion on future Arizona at 5 pm Mountain Time on May 17 (Zoom)
This is a special invitation for NSS Phoenix to join and meet our sister chapter in Tuscon L5 Space Society’s Board member Ed Little and others expressed a desire to be better connected to national NSS leadership and policies. Phoenix NSS chapter folks are invited to attend and can participate as well! This would be your opportunity hear ideas on how Arizona chapters can better participate in political action. This should turn out to be a lively and informative discussion, much like a town hall. Please refer to the chapters email to enroll receive a special Zoom dial in number Please don’t forget to download Zoom to participate in this meeting THIS SUNDAY Email Avery Davis to receive a special Zoom dial in number. Please don’t forget to download Zoom to participate in this meeting THIS SUNDAY To make this happen. you can also go to and message Avery Davis the host

INVITATION from NSS HQ Thursday, May 14, 2020 9:00 to 10:15 pm EDT National Space Society Membership Virtual Town hall: Meet the NSS Leadership! Feat: with Special Guests Anita Gale Secretary, Karlton Johnson Chair, Board of Governors, Geoffrey Notkin NSS National President, Bruce Pittman Senior Vice President & Senior Operating Officer, Dale Skran Chair of the Executive Committee.
Must Reply to Email sent by HQ, if you did not get it and are a member please let me know so I can forward you a link to register, space is limited. Topics include: The current space development priorities, The latest on NSS programs and activities, How NSS is responding to COVID-19

Happening at NSS
*NSSPHX Nominating Committee is Open to receive interests for officers starting in 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer or our chapter. To become eligible you will need to register as an official member at  the early creation for the NSS Phoenix Nominating Committee is for ALL officers starting January 2021. Please attend a meeting and announce your wanting to become an officer for NSS Phoenix Chapter.

Return-to-regular-meetings is a tabled as discussion previously state, We will re-visit the situation again in for possible return in September.Which means all our activities will be online and Virtual though August 2020.  Please, come to our next business meeting during this review to put in your thoughts and concerns,

Also, Discussed was our move to zoom conference and helping it be secure for our members. We also at that time had other chapters express their kind invitations for us to join in with them for all virtual meetings. Please be sure to read and reply to the host on your interest in participating links and other special instructions which might NOT be provided here and only in email format other these postings will not have instructions.

*NSS HQ Board of Directors Elections – The Spring 2020 edition of Ad Astra has just been mailed out, with NSS Board of Directors election slate/ballot material are included with the magazine.

*NSS HQ Volunteer Opportunity we need additional Reporters for Downlink & some help on Ad Astra Chapter section. apply at click on <Information services> please include your writing skills as this is an “in the public eye” position.


Take care and stay well.

Phyllis Redhair Chapter President for National Space Society of Phoenix

Apollo 50th Celebration Breakfast On The Moon #3, Virtual Outing Yuri Celebration & A Business Meeting!

NSS Virtual Outing Let’s go to Yuri Night Virtual Celebration! April 11 LIVE event at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT. for more info on how to attend go to

NSS PHX Business Meeting will be at our regular meeting time: Apr 18, 2020 11:00 AM Arizona Join Zoom Meeting

See you there!

Phyllis Redhair  NSS Phoenix Chapter President & Chapter Assembly Acting Exec Secretary

This was an amazing show, if you missed this you can still go to the Sacramento L5 Space society Youtube channel at–k19f3t7qoZjhtgHA to see the recording for this announcement hosted by L5 President Joseph Bland

Apollo 50th Celebration is Sat, April 11th, 7AM Pacific Webinar: 

Breakfast On The Moon #3

Celebrating Apollo 13, Yuri Gagarin/Vostok 1, Space Shuttle STS-1, and the Hubble Space Telescope

On Saturday Morning, April 11th, from 7:00-9:00 AM PDT (2:00-4:00 PM UTC), The National Space Society (NSS) Chapters’ Assembly and the Sacramento L5 Society NSS chapter will host the latest in their ongoing series celebrating the various 50th anniversaries of the manned Apollo missions to the Moon. (We call these celebrations “Breakfast on the Moon,” since we begin these virtual meetings very early in the morning on the West Coast in order to reach folks east of us, clear around to the other side of the world – while everyone’s still awake!)

For the Apollo 13 event, weApollo 50 year logo are tremendously excited to be able to announce that our list of speakers will be headlined by Apollo 13 Mission Commander James Lovell, who has taped an interview especially for NSS. And to make this particular event even more special, Captain Lovell will speak about both Apollo 13 and his earlier trip to the Moon aboard Apollo 8, giving us a “two for one” Apollo manned mission celebration!

LogoYurisNight_BLACKring_TRANSPARENTbackgroundBreakfast #3 will be slightly different in a few ways from the earlier events. First, while mainly honoring Apollo 13’s 50th anniversary, we will also be honoring three other pivotal space events that took place in April: The 59th anniversary of the first human flight into space by Yuri Gagarin aboard Vostok 1 (April 12, 1961); the 39th anniversary of the first operational flight of the Space Shuttle aka STS-1 (April 12, 1981); and the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope (April 24th, 1990).

Here’s the schedule for the speakers at Breakfast #3:

  • Joseph Bland, moderator;
  • Captain James Lovell, on Apollo 13 (4/11/1970) and Apollo 8 (12/21/1968) – taped interview;
  • Christopher Carson, on Apollo missions and the Moon’s future;
  • Janet Ivey, NSS governor/Janet’s Planet, on Space Exploration Day;
  • Mark and Karen Lucas, on Vostok 1 and Yuri’s Night (4/12/1961);
  • Fred Becker, on Space Shuttle STS-1 (39th anniversary, April 4/12/1981);
  • Anita Gale, NSS Board of Directors, on Shuttle mission history;
  • William Johnston, on Hubble Space Telescope (30th anniversary, April 24) – taped interview.

Regarding the particulars of the celebration, the actual live session will be limited to 500 spaces. Some seats are already reserved for panelists All others are on a first come, first served basis. To reserve a seat, Register in advance for this webinar:


After registering, non-interactive attendees will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar on Saturday.

We will also attempt a simulcast on YouTube Live. To access the YouTube Live event, go to the Sacramento L5 Society YouTube channel.–k19f3t7qoZjhtgHA We will begin broadcasting a few minutes before 7:00 AM PDT.

In addition, we will publish the eight (8) segments of the celebration on the NSS YouTube site as quickly as possible. We are hoping to be able to do so within a few hours of the end of the presentation.

Once again, here is the time and the date for the Zoom celebration:

Saturday morning, April 11, 2020

7:00 AM to ~9:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Please mark your calendars!

Lastly, thank you to all NSS members who helped set up this effort! It’s my hope that, in these trying times, this celebration can help to lift the spirits of a lot of folks, the world over!

Ad Astra!

Joseph Bland

Chair, NSS Chapters’ Assembly

President, Sacramento L5 Society

Ad Astra!

NSS March 21st – General Meeting is Cancelled & Late March/April Preview

NSS General Meeting: March is Cancelled

Our thoughts are with all those affected by COVID-19, including all those caring for our public. Understanding of COVID-19 continues to evolve as well as changing public health actions taken as a Nation, to help reduce the spread of the virus. The Humanist Society will be closing its doors for the time being though out this crisis. At this time Social distancing is encouraged. This change remains is in effect and will be determined as situations are evaluated.

Virtual Space? and Time Warps? – Addressing this public health crisis has opened an opportunity for NSS PHX to do more content for video conference and online. Currently our Chapter has broadcast on YouTube, helped create a webinar session and participated in various conferences and world conferences in our efforts to promote space and inspire youth.

For March, the General meeting is postponed. For April and May we plan on enabling our Monthly General Meetings to be in “Virtual Space” Via Zoom Video/phone Conference be on the lookout for time changes or these “time warps” as we navigate this new virtual  venue. Our open business meetings and officers meetings will also report in video phone conferencing via Zoom Conference as scheduled for the time being.

It’s been a crazy month for us; however, I would like to extend my gratitude in advance for helping to keep healthy, also having flexibility and patient to our changes. With that here is our March Announcement:

Our Facebook page has reached 1000+ likes! Visit us at

NSS Action: March Storm Home Visit:

Recently we had our very own Greg Rucker for NSS Phoenix and Randy Gigante NSS National talk to Jeff (Jeffrey) Kuckuck; U.S. Representative and Andy Biggs Legislative Assistant dealing with Space related issues. March 12, 2020

News: NSS National in a telephone conference with one of our Senators offices here in AZ was not successful in generating a request for an increase in NASA NEOCAM funding located here in Arizona for this year’s 2020 budget work.

NSS Outreach: March

Tucson Book Festival 2020 cancelled due to virus

Upcoming Preview:

(March) NSS Open Zoom Business Meeting to Be determined late march or early April. Be on the looks out for a new email with details.

(April) Yuri Night Arizona Hosted by NSS to be Determined, during Business meeting. I would like to thank in advance Samuel Sievert and Mario Anzalotti who have been diligently working on this event for months for us as vote to keep or evolve its plans.

(April) Please keep an eye out for the upcoming virtual Apollo 13 celebration at 7am on Sat. April 11, USA. This is an International Celebration and will include some of our world chapters across the globe. Zoom Conference information will be provided prior to the event through our email list. If you are not subscribed please join the list at “Subscribe PHX National Space Society Newsletter”: at

Thank you

Phyllis Redhair Chapter President the National Space Society of Phoenix


Saturday Feb 15th NSS Phoenix will Feature Dr. Peter A. Swan Saturday “77 days to Mars – Fast Transit from the Space Elevator Apex Anchor” Also, Feb 8th at the 2020 SciTech Festival at the Buckeye Air Fair

NSS Phoenix Out Reach, will be this weekend Feb 8th 8am to 5pm  at  2020 SciTech Festival at the Buckeye Air Fair, the event is held at the Buckeye Municipal Airport 3000 South Palo Verde Road Buckeye, AZ 85326 United States we will be next to AIAA this year so come out and show support for space!

This event will be hosted by The City of Buckeye gathering Engineering, Space & Astronomy, Technology & Computer Science groups and will also feature over 60 amazing booths from all of our awesome vendors; we know the SciTech Festival this year will be the best one yet. Get your kids ENGAGED and INSPIRED with STEM booths from the SciTech Festival!

Special features also include Look through a telescope straight from the Lowell Observatory, the same observatory that discovered the planet Pluto! And of course watch a beautiful air show with expert pilots

This is a free event find more info here at

Saturday Feb 15th NSS Phoenix will Feature  Dr. Peter A. Swan Saturday “77 days to Mars – Fast Transit from the Space Elevator Apex Anchor”

The Feb 15th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon will be at our usual time (11 am) and location at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201).

“77 days to Mars – Fast Transit from the Space Elevator Apex Anchor”

pete swan 2020Peter Swan, Ph.D. will  focus on Delivery of Interplanetary Mission Support equipment to Mars.  Can you imagine an infrastructure that “tosses” payloads towards Mars every day (no 26 month launch window wait) with frequent opportunities for Fast Transits?  Dr. Peter Swan is President of the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) and just published a four-year study entitled:  “The Road to the Space Elevator Era” from the International Academy of Astronautics and a one-year study entitled “Today’s Space Elevator,” from the ISEC.  His talk will focus on new research showing the strengths of a permanent infrastructure enabling fast transit to Mars.  Much of the orbital research was conducted by a student, James Torla, at ASU (supervised by Assoc. Professor Peet).  Dr. Swan will show how the capabilities of releasing a payload from the Apex Anchor (100,000 km in altitude) will lead to a surge in movement off-planet because of the tremendous strengths of this new concept for low cost access to space.  The outline for this overview is:

  • Introduction and History Of Space Elevators
  • Basic SE Architectures [Edwards, IAA, Obayashi]
  • Progress to date on developmental issues
  • Capabilities of space elevators
  • Leveraging SE’s for interplanetary mission support:
  • Conclusions and Questions

Dr. Peter A. Swan is the President of the International Space Elevator Consortium and a member of the International Academy of Astronautics. He graduated from the US Military Academy in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Over his 20 year Air Force career, he held a variety of research and development positions in the space arena.  He taught at the Air Force Academy and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1988.. Upon retirement, he joined Motorola on the Iridium satellite program. As a System Engineer, he initially provided space systems engineering leadership to the field office in Washington D.C.  He then lead the team responsible for the development of the Iridium spacecraft bus.  In 1998, he developed his own company and taught space systems engineering for Teaching Science and Technology, Inc.  His classes emphasize engineering know-how and management techniques to successfully develop space systems of national importance.    Pete’s final degree was a Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in space systems.  His dissertation was on tethered satellites.  This led to a natural extension to an interest in space elevators where he has participated for over fifteen years with great interest.  He has published many papers and a few books; two of which are on preparing for SCUBA trips.  However, his space elevator publications [12 books so far] include: Space Elevators: An Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward [2014],  Space Elevators Systems Architecture [2007] and Space Elevator Survivability – Space Debris Mitigation [2010], Road to the Space Elevator Era[2019], and Today’s Space Elevator [2019].

Phyllis Redhair President of the National Space Society of Phoenix

NSS Outing: Arizona Aviation and Aerospace Day at the Capitol January 14th, 2020

NSS of Phoenix Outing will be at the combined Arizona Aviation and Aerospace Day at the capitol. January 14th, 2020 | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM At 1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007   This event is Hosted by Aerospace States Association- Arizona Chapter and Co-hosted by Arizona Airports Association and Aerospace States Association.

There is no charge to visit the event and meet the representatives present from the various organizations and state representatives.  Lunch is an optional, additional fee of $25. This is a fun event to see aerospace and now Aviation companies in Arizona! Talk with them on what they are doing. .

** This is an outdoor event.  The event area will be at the Arizona State Capitol House Lawn.  Be sure to dress for the weather, people typically are dressed in business casual dress to business suits. This and excellent business networking event and you’ll have the opportunity to see some beautiful displays.

** Items you may need are Business cards, and possibly parking money.  It may be best to eat before you arrive. There were no food stands to purchase snacks once there. There are a few restaurants nearby.

** There seems to be adequate free parking at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, and some free parking at the capitol. Again, please bring money just in case, you possibly need 20 dollars for parking. Or A bus day pass for the light rail if you plan on trying to go as cheap as possible. (I believe its 4 dollars per person, most circle K sell them, grocery stores or go kiosk.

Most of us will arrive and wonder about this year hope to see you there.

Friday Dec 13th, NSS Christmas Party at Mike’s

Our NSS Regular meeting for December is replaced with a Christmas Party at Mike’s

By popular request and a BIG thanks to Mike for hosting this year’s NSS Christmas Party! Friday Dec 13th. The party will be at his home in Mesa. get together. This is a get together and will be from about 8pm to whenever.

Snacks will be provided. Guests can bring food and beverages if they wish but not needed. Please RSVP.  Contact Mike if you plan to attend.

Saturday Nov 16th meeting of NSS Phoenix will feature: Lori Pigue, PhD Candidate in Astronomy and Planetary Science at Northern Arizona University Introducing a talk entitled “Advancements in Lunar Pyroclastic Deposit Research with Implications to ISRU”

The November 16th meeting of the Phoenix Chapters of the National Space Society and the Moon Society will be at our usual time (11 am) and location at the Humanist Community Center in Mesa (627 W. Rio Salado Blvd (formerly 8th St.), Mesa, AZ, 85201).

Apollo 50 year logo50 years ago in November 1969, Pete Conrad, Richard F. Gordon Jr., Alan Bean had lunched from the Kennedy Space Center to be the second manned mission to land on the moon as part of the Apollo 12 mission. To pay tribute we welcome:

NSS Features, Lori Pigue is a third-year PhD Candidate in Astronomy and Planetary Science at Northern Arizona University and a Graduate Research Assistant at the US Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff. Lori’s talk will focus on advancements in data analysis and calibration from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument aboard the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft and new techniques from geospatial analysis that will drive the future of resource utilization. This research uses data gathered from the Apollo missions, lab data from similar terrestrial materials, and modeled computer simulations to generate a more precise view of the lunar surface. Lori’s research generally focuses on lunar volcanology and resource utilization, but she also participates in a Lab active in Mars surface processes, Mars surface operations, and other planetary related topics.

NSS Action: Meet and Greet with, The Honorable Representative Arlando Teller, Arizona State House of Representatives on Nov 4th 2019

NSS Outreach: Let’s go to Space Vision!  Friday November 8th and Saturday November 9th. We are hosting an exciting promotion with some of our spacey swag at SEDS Space Vision this November 8 & 9 in Tempe. Visit National Space Society, other Space Enthusiast and organizations and Industry professionals at this awesome event. This is an exciting time for us to welcome SEDS members as part of our own locally and on a National level. We will be providing memberships to eligible participant at this event and share our mission at SEDS Space Vision. We will also have beautiful Apollo 11 Patches as part of this promotion. Join National Space Society where “the Sky is no longer the limit – Tony Yates“

Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone! 

See you Saturday !

Phyllis Redhair Chapter President