*** November Event ***

Space Enthusiasts:

NSS Phoenix is inviting you to join us for a live presentation by the Technical Research & Engineering Company (TREC) at the Earth and Space Expedition Center (formerly known as the Challenger Space Center of Arizona).

Event Title & Type:    Monthly NSS of Phoenix Event for November

Location:                    Earth and Space Expedition Center

                                    17835 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032

                                    Website: https://www.earthandspaceexpeditioncenter.org

Date and Time:          Saturday, November 19, 2022 – 11:00AM (Phoenix, AZ Time – MST)


  • State of Education:
    • What needs to change to improve education.
    • How TREC’s ASL system can be a part of that improvement.
  • Demonstration of Voyager with her capabilities.
  • Q&A Session.

Guest Speaker:                     

Rick Gutridge:

  • Owner,TREC – Technical Research & Engineering Company
  • Graduate of the University of Arizona, B.S. Engineering Physics – 1982
  • 35 years of aerospace engineering experience including:  reliability analysis, system level testing, software and simulation development for private, commercial and military aircraft avionics and manned space vehicle systems.
  • In 1999 he became involved with the Challenger Space Center of Arizona (now known as the Earth and Space Expedition Center).
  • Rick’s company TREC developed the Challenger Space Center’s (Earth and Space Expedition Center) “Earth Space Transit Module” – a simulated crew module lifted to orbit inside the Space Shuttle’s cargo bay. The “ESTM” transported students from the briefing room to the space station in support of the Center’s Challenger Missions.
  • TREC’s experience at the Earth and Space Expedition Center provided insights into the need for a mobile simulation platform for STEM education; one that could reach underserved and rural students unable to travel to a STEM Center. Based on this perceived need, TREC developed its Advanced Spaceflight Laboratory and the Corps of Discovery system.
  • Advanced Spaceflight Laboratories are mobile simulators that provide students with a fully immersive futuristic space exploration experience that includes on-board standards compliant experiments and a variety of related classroom activities. ASL systems are capable of supporting STEM-oriented programs for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Rick is currently working to expand the impact of ASL systems by reaching more students and by developing partnerships with various organizations to support improved STEM education.


  • Adult:  $10.00
  • Child:  $8.00
  • Children < 5 y/o:  Free
  • PV Students free w/ ID
  • NSS Phoenix Chapter Members:  Free
  • Admission includes full planetarium show.
  • Admission to be collected at the Earth and Space Expedition Center.

Please RSVP by:

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Mario Anzalotti, President

Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society

Email: tadajr1099@cox.net  

Please provide your name and the number of adults and children attending.

Mario Anzalotti, President
Phoenix Chapter of the National Space Society

Website:  https://nssphoenix.wordpress.com/

Email: tadajr1099@cox.net

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