NSS Business Meeting Feb 23, 2019 Saturday, *4th Saturday*

Greetings Enthusiast,

The general meeting this coming Saturday at the humanist center has been postponed. However, We will gather for a Business meeting at the Blue Adobe at 144 N Country Club Dr, Mesa 85201. Saturday February 23rd.  about  1pm to 2:30 pm We ask that you attend if you’re curious and/or help support our chapter.  The NSS Business meeting to discuss this spring events on Yuri Night and Space Up and individual progress on these projects. * Please note the date change as I have had many express the 3rd Saturday for February for unavailability. It’s too close to Valentines  * Please attend if you are helping to organize these events. Lots to go over.

Also, here is a re-post for help from one of our members

Hello everyone!

Last year or so, the Astronomy club at Glendale Community College had formed a sub-group to work towards building a Radio Telescope and conducting Radio Astronomy at the main campus.

While our progress has been slow due to us being students and needing to analyze what it is that we wish to do, we are planning to start asking around for experts, asking about experiences with radio astronomy, as well as asking what we should attempt to observe.

If you happen to have the answers to those three types of questions we are exploring, I would love to gather those answers and present them to the group at our next meeting in two weeks.

If you do not, I would still love to invite you to visit our group or the ASTRO club’s Stargazing events on March 22nd and April 5th at the GCC North Campus at 7PM.

Hope 2019 has been good to all of you so far.

Here is a 15 minute video I created to help summarize the group’s discussions up to yesterday’s meeting as well as present a framework for us to work on as the Spring semester continues.

Ad Astra… or, in this case… Astra Videbimus,(I am hoping that I correctly said “We shall look at the stars”)
Brian Hack

Meeting Agenda

  • Chapter Business:
    • Old business
    • 2018 Chapter Reports
    • Financial Report  Chapter Dues
    • Online media update
    • Puerto Rico Update
    • New Business
  • Space up
    • Venue: Mesa Community College
    • Job Assignments: food table, speaker timer,
    • Items to discuss
      • Registration table
      • Food / Snacks table
      • Web pages and  promo’s
      • Flyers
      • Speakers did you get them
      • Planetarium show?
      • Professional Development?
  • Yuri Night
    • Venue: B2 Burgers
    • Webpage and Facebook page
    • Activities
    • Speaker
    • Giveaways
    • Cake
    • Astronaut cut-out
  • 50 year celebration for Apollo 11 (Online event)
    • So far 5 chapter participation including Germany and India
    • Broadcast media possibly on YouTube

See you 4th Saturday!

Phyllis Redhair
NSS Phoenix Chapter President

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